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         Craniosacral Therapy

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

It taps into a motion called the Craniosacral rhythm that can be felt most strongly at your head (Cranium) and the base of your spine (Sacrum). Tension anywhere in your body can restrict the flow of the craniosacral rhythm. Practitioners use gentle touch, often less than a nickel’s weight, to subtly correct that rhythm. In the process, tension can then release, allowing for positive change throughout the body.  

Why Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy works on a profound level to support healthful changes in all the body’s systems. The most important include the Nervous System, Circulatory System, and Musculoskeletal System. Craniosacral Therapy is suitable for all ages with the gentle techniques that are used. 

Craniosacral Therapy can help reduce pain, decrease anxiety, improve sleep and aid in recovery from injury and surgery. It can also offer relaxation, increased energy and a heightened sense of physical and emotional well-being.

Linda Poyner, RMT


    Massage Therapy, What Can It Do For You?

Benefits of massage therapy can include but not limited to reduced stress, improved immune system, reduction of chronic pain, reduced muscle spasms, increased circulation, reduced headaches, improving symptoms of depression, increasing self awareness, reduced fatigue, improved productivity, calms the nervous system, and  increased range of motion in joints are among a few benefits of massage therapy.

Massage Therapy can do all these things, so why don't we all get massages? That is a very good question. Massage Therapy has had a lot of misconceptions through the years. One is prostitution. Our profession has done a lot to improve the credibility of massage therapists in the last 10 years. There are more states that require registration or licensure to ensure that the therapists have the credentials they need to give a skilled massage. The massage professional organizations like American Massage Therapeutic Association and American Bodywork and Massage Association do a great job of educating the public. Another misconception is that massage is only for the "Rich and Famous". Not so. Massage therapy has become affordable for just about any income. There are several spas that offer massages for only $35. Yes, you do need to be careful because you do get what you pay for, but if you do your research there are therapists that do not charge outrageous prices. There are also chair massages that are only $15 for 15 minutes.

So,since there aren't any other excuses, schedule a massage today and start improving your health. You can schedule on, look up Art of Touch Massage and Supplies, LLC. We have professional therapists that would love to help you with your health goals.

Linda Poyner Shubert



What do you think of when you hear the word "Massage"?

In my 20's and early 30's my first thought was that it was for the rich and famous.  Not everyone could get a massage.  It was very expensive and a lot of fluff and buff.  Or when I heard guys talking about "Massage" it usually came with happy endings. I never gave a second thought about getting a massage because of these opinions I had.  No one ever told me that there were health benefits of getting a massage.  My doctor never suggested it. Anyone I hung out with never talked of getting a massage.  And it was definetly not on my mind to give massages.  Funny how life works.

At 35 years of age going through life changing experiences I discovered what "Massage" was really about.  I decided to make it my career.  My dad suggested it to me and it made sense for some reason.  The hours were flexible so I could raise my four children, the money was supposed to be good and I could possibly be my own boss.  My grandmother's health was failing and maybe I could help her. 

While going to school I learned that "Massage" has many health benefits.  It improves the immune system by getting rid of toxins in our body,  relieves stress that causes so many diseases today, increases our range of motion in our joints that seem to get stiff and lose flexibility as we age, reduces muscle aches and pains that we aquire in our daily lives, relieves headaches caused by stress or toxins, improves our circulation that slows down during inactive life styles, enhances our recovery time of injuries or illnesses by increasing the blood flow to the injury sites, gives us a more positive outlook by increasing the good endorphins of our brain, gives us greater relaxation and inner peace from releasing the stress from the body and mind, and gives us more restful sleep by reducing stress.

Wow! That's a far cry from what I thought "Massage" was all about.

I received my first massage when I was 35 years old.  I thought if I could make people feel as good as I did after that first massage, that is what I wanted to do for my career.  I was so relaxed and felt so good. I didn't realize the stress I was holding in my body.  I hurt in places I didn't even know hurt. It was a great experience and I was excited about my future.

Ten years down the road I am still learning of the effects massage can have on the body.  It blows my mind how intricate our bodies are.  Our body is made to heal itself.  All we have to do is remove the road blocks and give it what it needs to function correctly.  I plan to keep learning and sharing the benefits of massage to my clients and community. 

Linda Poyner, RMT

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